As much as you love your business, sometimes you regret starting it. You’re not ready to give it up yet, but the idea crosses your mind more than you’d like it too because the stress of entrepreneurship is driving you crazy. To put it plainly…you’re tired. Tired of staying up all hours of the night as a junior captain on #teamnosleep. Tired of second-guessing yourself and not seeing the business growth you want as a result. Tired of doing everything in your business as a “party of one” and watching your personal life suffer.

Are you sitting down? If not, you should, because what I’m about to say next is going to change your entire world.

“You can have a business you love, without sacrificing your well-being in the process.”

Go back and read that again. Let it sink in. Can you feel the weight slowly lifting off your shoulders? I hope so because that’s my goal as your new business coach. My name is Tikoshia, but my clients call me Coach Tiko, and now, so can you.

Business Made Simple is my signature coaching program that is designed to help you attract more and work less. I’m here to help you get the support you need to breathe new life into your business and fall back in love with it.

After Working With Me

You’ll be more focused than ever about the direction your business is headed in.
You’ll feel the overwhelming stress melt away as you take control of your business.
You’ll see a boost in your mental and emotional health.
You’ll have more time to live your life and do things you enjoy, and still make money.

You’ll give up your spot on #teamnosleep for good and say hello to more rest.

All of the above is made possible thanks to a unique combination of my expertise in business systems, time management, and self-care. I come alive when I see soulprenuers like you love what they do but hate the burden of maintaining the day-to-day business operations on their own, make the shift toward more balance and freedom in their business.

Business Made Simple Coaching Program

No matter where you are in your business, I have a package option that can fit your needs. Take a look and see which one might work best for you.

Strategy Session

  • One 60-minute session where we assess the challenges keeping you from thriving.
  • A complete time audit of your schedule to identify pockets for business growth and development.
  • An updated version of your business goals and how your business plays a role in achieving success.
  • A detailed action plan that outlines steps to help you attract more clients.

Action Plan Session

  • One 90-minute session +  30-minute follow-up where we assess your personal goals, business goals and highlight key focus areas.
  • Discuss how to meet the short-term and long-term goals you set for your business.
  • Identify client challenges and formulate solutions you can implement to meet their needs.
  • A detailed action plan that outlines steps to help you attract more clients.

Private Coaching Program

If you are a solopreneur, chances are you’re spending what feels like 90% of your time marketing, answering emails, updating your website, and following up with potential clients, 10% of your time doing what you love, and hardly any time enjoying your life outside your business! We will look at tools and systems you can use to free up your time and make running your business much easier! This private session includes:

  • 90-minute Action Plan Session
  • 6 months of coaching (3 sessions per month)
  • Recording of each call
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to the private BMS Group Coaching community
  • Archives of your trtaining sessions

Your business should be able to run while you’re sleeping and even while you’re on vacation! And, if it’s not then this plan is perfect for you!

Examples of Systems Include

  • Time management
  • Follow-up marketing
  • Building your email list
  • Creating & maintaining a relationship with prospective clients
  • Friendly client reminders of sessions, calls, and deadlines
  • Email management
  • Maintaining relationships with past clients
  • Social media management

To get started, let’s first meet for a Business Made Simple Consultation

Once you have systems in place, you will have more FREEDOM to do what you love. You’ll get more time, less stress, and more MONEY! We’ll also look at how you’re currently operating your business and customize systems that will work for you.

Want to get a hold of me?

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